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Mind     Body     Wellbeing

Sandi German Kinesiology

Natural therapies, practices and events
to help you improve  

physical, mental and emotional health

Chakra Events | Sandi German

Where in your life would you like to create positive change?

A supportive, experienced practitioner together with self-care practices
can enable you to move forward, as a better version of yourself and

live a more fulfilled, healthy and happy life.

Do you need help with pain management, recovery, letting go of stress and anxiety or
insight into using nutrition to heal and nurture? Are you looking for ways to reach your
goals, overcome negative patterns, have more energy and feel more inspired?

Using Western physiology and Eastern medicine principles, with a new approach towards
personal challenges, offers new perspective and tools to create a positive shift in our lives.
To take us from ‘feeling stuck’ to feeling heard and encouraged, often understanding our

underlying causal issues and finding a self empowered way towards

the outcomes we really want.

I care and would be honoured to help you on this journey towards

living as your authentic self and
to stand in your own power.

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