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Bliss Wellness Day Retreat
A blissful relaxing day to
recharge, rebalance and renourish
mind, body and soul.
Nature walk, meditation & mindfulness,
Self-empowering stretch and strengthen exercise & mindset session,
Healthy yummy food, wellness guest speaker, your free time to relax.
Feel looked after, slow down and enhance your wellbeing……….
 (next retreat in Spring 2024 - date t.b.a.)


I’m so excited to bring you our 13th Bliss Wellness Day Retreat, always a special experience for all of us.

As we hold space for healing and learning, you might choose lots of quiet time to yourself or connection to others.
You are invited to take this opportunity to take a day off your regular calendar, honour your personal growth, leave having found inspiration to create more positive change in your life. 

On this occasion, we will take our awareness towards many aspects of our wellbeing needs, highlighting every day tips and ideas of how to improve our self care, how to see our wellness practice as a daily essential and how powerful this can be,

helping us to experience more joy.

Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself, your own happiness.

Saturday 4th of March 2023

“Nourishing Heart & Soul"   see invite attached 

for further details and a program for the flow of the day.

Through this event we're raising awareness and funds for 

St Kilda Mums - a wonderful organisation whose vision is a future where we share more, waste less and care for every child.
Help support St Kilda Mums today 

Click here for kind words from our guests.

You are welcome to bring friends or come alone 

to meet other like minded great people who are 

interested in Self Empowerment, Meditation and

Nurturing Wellbeing.

$220pp or $200pp for group bookings of 3 or more persons

Gift Vouchers are also available.

Our Wellness Guest Speaker for this day……
Sandi German (Kinesiology Practitioner & Positive Mindset Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator, Sound Therapy host and founder of Bliss Wellness Day Retreats) will present ideas about the values around nourishing ourselves through our thinking, feeling and behaviour and explores how this creates greater opportunity to live on purpose, feeling more fulfilled in our everyday lives.

Your Initiative
Want to have your own gathering with friends, 

fully hosted and catered for?
Innovative people in leadership roles 

in community or business - wanting a personalised 

and themed event, to support your Wellbeing Program?
Your tribe is welcome.
Contact us for all private small group bookings.


Look forward to sharing smiles, laughter, connection and

a beautiful day with you,

foliage Wellness
health bowls Wellness Food
Wellness Day Retreat

Previous Events, Themes and Guest Speaker Highlights 


On 19th October 2019 - “Sound & Sacred Wisdom"
Sandi German, Kinesiology Practitioner & Positive Mindset Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator, Sound Bath host and Founder of Bliss Wellness Day Retreats, took you on a journey, exploring the Tibetan philosophy that sound is wisdom and vibration is compassion, using harmonic chimes to bring balance to our senses and to evoke our inner wisdom.

On 20th July 2019 - “Presence of Mind - Your Choice"
Amanda Spencer, Mindfulness Facilitator, Reiki Master and Co-Founder of Present Mindfulness Academy 

shared why Mindfulness is an important life skill to have and how it can help reduce stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed; how meditation and being present can stop suffering and explained how we can access the power to choose how we feel. 

On 30th March 2019 - “Celebration - Joy From Within"
Sandi German, Kinesiology Practitioner & Positive Mindset Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator and Founder of Bliss Wellness Day Retreats.  
Shared insights and led a discussion of how a simple daily practice of celebrating life with five affirmations, integrating senses and intelligence, can greatly help us overcome all our personal challenges, feel more fulfilled, connected and happy.

On 22nd September 2018 -  "Receiving - An Open Heart"

Rebecca Czapnik, Aquatic Therapist and Spirit Led Practitioner guided a discussion on how we can expand our capacity to soften, open and receive. She talked about how we live in an abundant universe full of creative energy and and potential; about our state of receptivity, how it relates to self love and self worth and why it’s so important for ourselves, our loved ones and the collective. 

On 30th June 2018 - Nourishing For Greater Wellbeing
Sal Prothero, Nutritionist
 and founder of ‘Whole Food Nutrition’ shared her knowledge on how to feed our body and mind. Sal specializes in gut health and mental health and is passionate about inspiring and encouraging others to take more control of their total health and to live life to the fullest.

On 24th March 2018 – Tapping Into Our Inner Strength
Anna Box, Psychologist
 and creator of ‘Screen & Soul’ workshops and ‘Film Therapy’ at the Melbourne School of Life, brought us the art of story, film and thriving. Anna loves to explore story and the human condition and shared a fun and interesting perspective of what it means to lead and flourish in a busy, fast-paced world. 

On 15th October 2016 - Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
Certified Neuro Change Solutions Consultant, Angela Rojas brought her diverse background, years of training and belief coaching experience to help us identify what we can change within ourselves to create new results in our mind, body and environment. An insightful discussion on the study of the subconscious mind, how to create healthy habits and create healthy minds. 

On July 16th 2016 – Science of Thoughts & Emotions 
Zsuzsa Toth – Kinesiologist 
and founder of ‘Freedom To Feel Good Workshops’ gave an informative presentation, illustrating the science of thoughts and emotions and how they impact us physically, physiologically and create the life that we lead; she gave our guests a fantastic tool for life to take home, that can be applied easily to empower ourselves.

On March 5th 2016 - Emotional Resilience 
Founder of RAW (Resilient Aspiring Women), keynote speaker and author of ‘A Resilient life', Mariam Issa shared her story of resilience and trust; an inspirational journey where determination and strength earned her the Ambassador of Peace award in 2012 from the Universal Peace Federation; this remarkable woman, works tirelessly to promote peace and harmony in Melbourne’s culturally diverse population. 

On October 17th 2015 - Personal Strengths
Beck Melville,
innovative facilitator, Strengths Coach and Leadership Consultant,  led an interactive, fun and compelling discussion about how you can use your individual strengths to help increase your happiness, self-esteem, confidence, resilience and vitality.

On September 12th 2015 - Healing With Nutrition 
We welcomed Emma Park (BHSc) a passionate Functional Medicine Nutritionist that believes wholeheartedly in the power of food as medicine. How do we create health and wellness in this fast-paced world? Emma led a guided discussion exploring various topics and ways on how we can achieve this in our busy every day lives.

On July 18th 2015 - Mindset Strategies
Anna McCarthy,
Founder of The Female Future Institute led a guided discussion on mindset strategies for a healthy mind and a happy life. Anna shared valuable information around a selection of mental success principles that can create positive shifts in perspective resulting in a more fulfilling life. 

Kind Words From Our Guests

“I loved the walk at the beginning of the day and the lunch was so delicious…..the connection with other women was so wonderful….. loved learning some of the conscious parenting techniques which I am already using with my kids and also the approach to working through your intention….. I absolutely would recommend this to everyone I know, thank you Sandi”
Helen Forster

“Thank you Sandi, I enjoyed the delicious lunch, loved the meditation, I gained confidence in the power of the tools and techniques to deepen my ability to receive with an open heart, highly recommend for self care.”
Catherine Brown
“Thanks Sandi for a day of bliss yesterday, I feel refreshed and full of happiness…….so enjoyed the hike, time to stop, relax, converse about different topics and reset of thinking…..a day to refresh the mind”
Cath Hill
“Thank you so much for an amazing retreat yesterday, I so needed it… so impressive, beautiful”  
Jassmine Kharbat
“Thanks again for the wonderful Bliss day yesterday! I feel ‘almost’ brand new, sooo rejuvenated. I loved and lapped up every moment of the day…from the free range horses joining us on the walk, the delicious food to the amazing meditation that ‘reset’ me. I slept like a baby last night!”
Lana Beacham
“I just wanted to say I had a wonderful day. Time away from my family is not very easy to carve out, I was delighted to attend, loved meeting you, lovely conversations with gorgeous like minded people…….the self-empowering session was the best, I really felt some powerful moments where I felt strong, independent and self-empowered……..thank you!”

“Loved the empowerment session….…
I had some great chats with everyone, days like this get me out of my comfort zone…….It’s a day to nurture self and take some time out………” 
Dee Philips
“A beautiful day filled with self exploration and renewal….a renewed sense of self care and a reminder of what lights me up…. enjoyed mostly the guided meditation……”
Anna Clements

“Mostly enjoyed the meditation………gained a sense of wellbeing and belonging, knowledge and info re meridian points and nutrition…….getting away from it all and immersing oneself in something different is very important for the soul……” Marthese Busuttil



“The walk was amazing!! ….Loved the food, meditation, and company, I had such a big shift in my meditation and working through Sandi’s process. I am still seeing the benefits. Such a beautiful day!!” 
Nicole Senz
“I really enjoyed the outcomes/releasing exercise…….lovely food and company, time to connect with others……a wonderful program for looking at ways to get back to nature and listening to self” 
Vicky Jamieson
“Thank you so much for an amazing day!  I loved it all!  The people, the place, the energy and space, the activities, the speaker and of course you! You have a beautiful warm loving energy that certainly made everyone feel comfortable………..I gained calmness, oneness, connection, rejuvination, what a great way to recharge”  
Rebecca D’Angelo
“Being in the moment and more present with myself………everyone should stop and smell the roses”  
Jayne Mundy
“My favourite part was the self-empowering session, really gave me clarity and inspiration……..loved the meditation too, thank you"

“The meditation, inner peace and interaction with the group……take the time out for yourself, mental wellbeing is important for everyone”
Lily Peluso
”I really enjoyed the meditation, exercise and hypertonic stretches which gave me great insight.…’s a wonderful day, especially if you need time for self......wonderful Sandi”
Rowena Maine
“Thank you………a very unique and personalized retreat delivered with so much passion by Sandi……….I found quiet space and time to self reflect through the exercises and meditation …………also the location was beautiful and the home cooked lunch delicious”
Priscilla Sonogan
 “I so enjoyed the meditation, lunch, interaction and peaceful time……..I found guidance”
“Sandi is such a welcoming and nurturing host……..the meditation was the best and I enjoyed the social time and lunch”

“Thank you for a fabulous day Sandi, you are a special lady!”

“The day was amazing, I would almost give it perfection with nothing to improve! The meditation, the inspirational talk, the food was incredible, very restful and insights shared by all”
Mariam Issa

“Thank you Sandi for a fantastic day yesterday, it was beautiful and just what I needed, thank you”
Kath Nolan

“My friends and I loved our day of relaxation and laughter and will most likely do it again….Loved the meditation and walk, sometimes you just have to find the time to take a step back and relax”
Rose Cerra

“Will tell my friends they should all go to a Bliss Day! Enjoyed the whole day…….so good to be inspired to meditate again, very powerful, thank you”
“Very enjoyable and fun day……..loved the creative visualisation and stress release exercise…….”
“I have since started meditating……….thank you!”
“Thank you Sandi, was special time out for me……loved meditating…… also nice to connect with new people”

“Just some wonderful time out……mostly enjoyed the yoga and learning about Kinesiology”

“Loved slowing down and  taking in the bush in the morning walk, the meditation,  meeting beautiful people and new yoga poses”

“Sandi I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday.  I feel so lucky to be a part of such beautiful days, so privileged to be reminded how to live life and love it.  Each time I come away with something new to tuck into my days and share with my family and friends”
Kylie Hogan

"Congratulations to you Sandi and Nicole on what was truly an inspiring and invigorating gift to us women on Saturday! It oozed with love and generosity of spirit. The nature, the food, the yoga, the meditation, the divine women … Everyone should take one day from their schedule and book themselves into Bliss. You will not regret it” 
Julia Keady, Director, Xfactor Consulting Group

“Sandi, thank you beautiful woman…..yesterday was absolutely fantastic, love what you do!”
 Mariam Issa

“Sandi, how wonderful your day brought such togetherness and light.   How blessed are all the souls that get to bask in that connection & healing, thank you angel heart.  Thank you sooo much for having me be part of a strength & soothing time, loved it” 
Zsuzsa Toth

“Thank you so much Sandi for the wonderful experience at Bliss and your well wishes……I know that our paths will cross again and wish you all the best” 

“It was so great to take time out with like minded friends to enjoy a day of wellness & nurturing in such a beautiful place”
Priscilla Sonogan

“It was the perfect pause to my hectic life allowing me the chance to stop, breathe and connect with myself and nature with other like minded individuals” 

Jen Trucchi

“I felt reinvigorated, more positive and just generally more at peace” 
Monica Fiddes

“I found the entire experience relaxing and I enjoyed meeting other women who were also in need of some down time for themselves” 
Donna Lake

“A day away to (selfishly) think about myself for once! It was just nice to have a whole day to myself and share it with some friends too” 
Amanda Buxton

“It's not often we take time out for ourselves in a world that is 'always on'. BLISS gave me the space and the permission to do this. The serenity of the venue, the authenticity and passion of Nicole and Sandi and the desire of all attendees to unwind, grow and connect made the day truly beautiful.
Thank you” 
Beck Melville

“A sense of self. I really needed time during the day to just be by myself and I got that. I also enjoyed the conversations I had at lunch with the other guests and the group discussion at the end of the day. I took some great things away from both” 
Kylie Hogan

"Thank you for an amazing day! I learnt something, I relaxed, I stopped and reflected.  I couldn't think of two more beautiful, intelligent, spiritual women, who deserve every success! I'll be back!!
Tina Fraser

“Thank you so much for a wonderful blissfull day. Congratulations on pulling this together and following your path – so inspiring! I had a great time and all the girls were so lovely,
what a great group”
Claudia Soccio

“Congratulations for organising your unique retreat. I had a wonderful experience and enjoyed the attention to detail and the beautiful surroundings of nature, food and people. Well done and Grazie mille!”
Daniela Simonetta

“Lovely company, environment, food and experience”
Tean Sporn

“Felt more balanced, peace and relaxation”
Alex Gengoult-Smith

“Thank you for hosting a great wellness day today.  The girls and I really enjoyed the whole experience, sincere thanks,”
Rosetta Pavone”
"Thank you both for inviting me to the most amazing day yesterday! I feel refreshed, highly motivated, clear headed and so positive about all aspects of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and  hope to do it again sometime next year! You two are such beautiful positive people, offering an escape for women who need exactly what you offer..........I definitely would recommend it to others, thanks again. "

“The time to recharge personally without distractions, external commitments or guilt! Time to be me, time to be calm and open to new discovering's”

“In one short day I got the kind of peace and calmness that normally takes me 10 days of holiday at a tropical resort. Thinking of just myself for a day was absolute bliss (pardon the pun) and
I will be back for sure”

“An overall sense of mental and physical balance and well being”

“I enjoyed the time spent with my girls in a positive, wellbeing, well meaning environment”

 “Motivation, relaxation and time for me without expectations from anyone, lots of laughs were a benefit!”

 “I thought the whole day was fantastic, very well organised and run. It would be hard to pick the
best part!”

 “It was great to spend the day with lovely like-minded women, I went on my own but everyone was very friendly and I had plenty of people to chat to!”

 “A sense of improved well being and stress relief”

 “I was inspired by the environment and the gorgeous group of women that attended the day”
 “An appreciation for meditation”

 “Back in tune with nature, yoga, meditation, massage, food (and wine) and inspiration”

 “A day for myself to relax and reflect”

“I was just totally pumped afterwards, raring to go with absolute positivity and energy. This lasted almost the entire week! I left feeling totally relaxed and looking forward to hugging my family and telling them about what I learnt and things we could incorporate into our everyday lives”

“I enjoyed the peacefulness”

“It was a fabulous day for ME... I think we underestimate how important that is!”

“A chance to reconnect with nature and with myself. A chance to be still and listen to my heart”

“I came home feeling relaxed and a lot more positive and grateful”

“I can see how much effort & thought went into sourcing the venue, designing the day's program & all the little details - healthy juices & muffins on arrival & the lovely gift bag when we left. Not sure this could be improved upon as it was already fabulous!!!”

“Every aspect but the lovely lunch in that farm style kitchen & then sitting outside in the afternoon winter sun & wondering through the veggie garden was a highlight”

“Loved all of it, but the walk in the morning in such beautiful surroundings set the day up beautifully”

“The yoga, meditation, rainforest walk and the lunch! I can't choose a favourite aspect, sorry!”

 “Reinforcement of how important it is to slow down and take care of ourselves”

 “Thank you so much for a wonderful day! I laughed, I loved, I switched off, I connected, I breathed………”

 “Thank you for a fantastic day.  I left feeling relaxed and have taken some empowering learning too,
thank you!”

Kind Words
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