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About Sandi

My journey so far…

I was brought up in Europe, in a hectic, colourful, tumultuous, albeit very loving family; Malta in the seventies. Coming to Melbourne as a teenager extended my interest and experience with cultural diversity and my curiosity and yearning for new learning led me to Sydney in my early twenties, a higher education at Sydney University, a successful career, and interests in writing, photography and Buddhism. 

I moved on from the life of advertising, media and marketing which kept me more than busy and very happy for several years, in pursuit of a more meaningful focus.

For years both friends and people whom I had just met, told me that I was a healer, I wasn’t sure what they meant then.

My extensive travel around the world connected me more to humanity and to my purpose and in my thirties I chose to settle in Melbourne Australia where married life and raising our children has been far more fulfilling than I ever imagined. My proudest achievement has been our children; loving, sharing, laughing, crying and teaching each other, every day.  I am greatly inspired by the Dalai Lama, the great Nelson Mandela, my grandmother’s legacy and every newborn baby.


I understand pain and personal challenge, totally.  I have worked through serious physical ailments, crippling back and spinal injuries, chronic pain, and overwhelming personal loss, including the death of both my parents and my own
baby boy.

I had a choice, to become a victim and continue to endure pain, suffering and mental anguish or to
change my mindset, my life. 

My survival instinct, my love of life and having fun, my intuition, and generations of inherited lineage of incredible, amazing female wisdom, guided me through those darkest hours. I more than survived and I knew I had to let

my spirit soar.


So I reached inside, connected with my inner strength and knew I needed to grow, and to progress I needed to totally embrace learning, will always be learning.  

I’m also so thankful that I chose to open my mind and my heart to learning as I believe that only then, one finds the teachers, the books, the mentors, the lessons. 

I have focused on learning about self-healing, starting with meditation, since I was 19 years old. This has included, Buddhism, physical fitness, nutrition, parapsychology, quantum physics, and in more recent years Kinesiology and Positive Mindset Coaching, Quantum Neurology, Positive Psychology, Sound Therapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I’m not pretending that I practice mental gymnastics every day, far from it. Or that my life is perfect and I have it all worked out, luckily I have a great sense of humour! I think we are all a work in progress, and with that intention, I mostly embrace my life and circumstances and am committed to living my life on purpose.

What I do know, is the power of self, 
self worth – self love – self healing.

One of the best lessons I keep learning, is to be true to myself, regardless of how difficult that can be at times, to continually keep aligning myself to my truth and honour my journey,

with grace.  

I know this takes courage and I am courageous. 

As an adventurous spirit with an immense appreciation for kindness…...

My life is as full as ever and with the various challenges and surprises that keep coming my way, I daily have immense gratitude..............mostly for feeling so deeply, for the amazing love and abundance that I have in my life and for having chosen to live my life on purpose.

In essence, the core values I keep in my mind and heart are all about holding space for healing, growth and creating positive change.


With an open heart, I celebrate love and life, every day. 


Love & Light,



Professional Kinesiology Practitioner 

Dip Kin ICPKP 

AIK registered professional no: 1007

Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator 

Founder of Chakra Events and Bliss Wellness Day Retreats

Sound Therapy & Intuitive Healer and tribal sound creator

AIK-Registered Professional Member
Sandi German