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Discover an inner freedom, calm and a vibration of peace…….

Meditation… just be…..…to be in stillness, to listen to your heartbeat, to feel your breath bring oxygen, life force to your every cell, to release tension and stress from your mind and body, to let go of negativity and feeling stuck – to feel energised, rested, restore your thinking, allow positive energy, intuition and healing to flow through your whole being…… listen to your heart sing.

Rainbow Reflections Meditations

10 Week course available in Bayside

Rainbow Reflections Meditations

Rainbow Reflections is a collection of 10 sessions, using guided meditations,

music and journaling, led by myself.

I started teaching meditation over 20 years ago in Sydney and for the last eight years here in Bayside, Melbourne.  I personally meditate everyday and am passionate about how it increases our health and wellbeing on all levels and what a powerful practice it can be to help us live a
calmer, stronger, more focussed and happier life.

All welcome, beginners or well practiced meditators wanting to learn more about using Chakras, Mind Body Connection, healing self and to experience the Zen of group energy.

Why meditate?........Meditation brings…..
self empowerment, health, vitality,
positive thinking & creativity,
connection to our inner strength & feeling at peace……….. 
Balance - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual
..…Love and Happiness

Small groups with limited number of persons so to secure a booking and start your journey, please email your intention & contact details.

When: Mondays from 5th of February to 13th of May 2024

7:30pm to 9:30pm

$240 for 10 week course 
Where: Yoga Station, upstairs at 3/52 Bay Rd, Sandringham.

Now Fully Booked 

(email your contact details to register interest for future meditation courses in 2024)

Kind Words From our Guests

“Another hugely successful meditation course run by Sandi! I cannot recommend this highly enough it's fantastic and really teaches you how to meditate and the fantastic results you gain from meditating.  Just sign up and book the next course you will never regret it!!”
Kath N.
“I had a wonderful meditation last night Sandi…………….thank you for being such a great meditation teacher. You have changed my life with learning from you. I have now gathered tools to help myself to maintain or get calm and perspective. I have recommended clients who are looking for assistance in everyday life.
I have tried other people/classes/even a doctor… only you have enabled me to meditate, thank you”
Rowena Maine
“Halfway through this course of meditations I started to feel subtle changes happening inside me. Rather than dissipating, these feelings have increased with time and have prompted me to take the initiative to create some positive change in my life. Thank you Sandi, I feel privileged to have had your care and guidance throughout this course. I would not hesitate to recommend this to family and friends and would love to do the whole course again, it is very powerful!”
Marthese B.
"If you are considering this course, just say YES.  I did, after thinking for years that meditation practice might really help for daily calmness and balance.  Not only did it help, but it really transformed the way I would like to live my life and raise our family in such a busy and fast paced life we all often live in.  Sandi is a calm, passionate and wonderful leader - without her guidance, I would not have been able to receive the benefits I now receive as a result of my ongoing meditation practice".  
Natalie F.

“I'm glad I attended the sessions and they were a beautiful, quiet, meditative time that meshed well with the kinesiology and growth I was already working on, thank you.”
Audrey P.

“I really enjoyed coming into the lovely space you created-not just the physical side of it but also the emotional space……….Thank you for including me in the class and providing a warm welcome and being so lovely.”
“Last night was a really good Meditation session Sandi, I really enjoyed it and I love the talks you give us prior……”.
“I really enjoyed having our meditation in your beautiful space yesterday, I could feel all the love you put into it and I’m enjoying each and every journey that you take us on”.
“That was so good Sandi, thank you! I loved that it was you and your voice leading me through it.  I felt ‘safe’ and I was able to relax”.

“Sandi, with so many thanks and so much gratitude for your guidance and leadership during the course. 
You are an amazing and beautiful person.”
  "I can’t recommend Sandi German’s Rainbow Meditation Course highly enough.  Sandi is a wonderfully warm and generous person who has a great gift for helping people. I was pleasantly challenged by some of the notions put forward during the course, and over the 10 weeks my mind opened and gave great insight and practical methods to change thought processes and negative behavioural patterns that tend to bed down over a lifetime. It was liberating to be gently confronted with different ways of thinking (and not thinking) and greatly affirming to hear Sandi’s ‘let go’ philosophy. I have made significant positive changes to the way I live my life, that have made me into an even happier and more balanced person. This course is for everyone (even you happy, positive, calm ones!) who want to learn how to calm your mind and then integrate it into everyday life. Wonderful experience." 
Kylie H
“Sandi’s meditation classes took me on a journey of self discovery and gave me the tools to help me fit meditation into my daily life.  I would recommend these classes to anyone wishing to awaken their inner self awareness and find a deeper state of relaxation…..It has helped me to manage my stress levels....”
Jenny T.
“It was lovely to have a calm, reflective space dedicated to just being.  I learnt heaps from you Sandi and use the white light healing often when I lie down….you have a great voice for guiding meditation, very comforting and reassuring and calming. I definitely recommend it and will come for more….again many thanks for the experience which without doubt has benefited me.”
Aine F.
“ Last night was an amazing meditation, thank you!!!!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of this group & taken away more & more from when I last did the course with you.” 
Priscilla S.
“Just wanted to say; thank you for this evening.  I found the meditation tonight so powerful and so healing and restorative. Thank you. It was the first time I think I have ever felt this before…..”
"I definitely feel calmer every day, without realising why, I catch myself reacting to situations without getting stressed, as I would before."
"You are a wonderful teacher Sandi, thank you."           

"Thank you Sandi, the course has been mind/spirit-expanding in so many ways and we’re only half-way through!....It has been a wonderful and special time…"

"It’s such a wonderful experience, and this is second time around, I will be focusing on bringing meditation into my daily life."

"Wow, what a meditation night we had on Monday night……I love how it changes each week, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey."

"This has changed my life, it’s amazing."

"It's the only time in my week that I totally relax and have no stress, I so look forward to it every week."

"I just love these meditations Sandi, very powerful."
"I have so much more energy everyday......
" I feel calmer all the time and hardly have headaches any more....."

“Absolutely transformational!”

“Loving it Sandi!!  And more and more adopting techniques in my day to day” 


Heart Power


& Love




Heart Power Meditations during 2020......

2020 arrived 

and with it a whole new way of living.

I embraced online meditations with

an open mind and an open heart,

learning that with each of our awareness and presence, even online, we can raise our energetic vibration and

collective consciousness. 

So in light of offering support, especially at this time and holding space for us all, 

we created  a new opportunity to be together in meditation, connecting with our Heart Power……

Finding inner strength, inspiration and freedom

During these sessions we focused our energies on healing through love, our own love and universal love.

We used a Heart Chakra chime for pure sound, breath work, Tibetan singing bowls, recorded music and a little journaling with our positive intentions. We practiced mindfulness to release, nurture and manifest,

moving forward, creating brighter tomorrows.

I am so passionate about meditation and know it to be incredibly powerful, so it always comes from

my heart and soul, with loving intention.

This was a wonderful healing and strengthening journey for all who joined



Heart Power Meditations were free ​ 

 every Monday night 8pm Melbourne time - live online via ZOOM  

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