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As a Kinesiologist and registered Allied Health Practitioner……

My purpose and commitment is to best use all the skills I have as a professional practitioner to facilitate healing and personal growth, assisting you to live a healthy, fulfilled and happy life.


I enjoy working with a diverse range of clients from all walks of life. In clinic I see many families;
mums and dads of all ages, types and sizes and also children.

Some say I favour musicians, dancers, creative and progressive thinkers and up and coming tennis players! 

(Rafael Nadal has a Kinesiology Coach, always thought he had some super advantage!)


I am inspired to continually work towards helping others connect with their inner strength, nurturing self-empowerment in every person - in every situation in every day, every moment of their lives - that can change our life, our world - as we remember the ripple effect, together we can make a great difference.

What Kinesiology can offer you today

Kinesiology is the science of balancing the body’s energy,
naturally improving physical, mental and emotional health.
This complimentary therapy, based in anatomy and physiology

 helps to identify causal issues that trigger health imbalances.


Kinesiologists use neuroscience as well as muscle  testing for biofeedback. 

We look for how your thinking and feeling, your belief systems, 

your state of mental and emotional health is affecting your physical wellbeing.

We consider your whole body and how you function every day, 

helping you reduce stress, increase your health and 

improve how you recover from illness.


The bio-chemical aspect of your lifestyle is also very much considered, 

including your diet and nutrition – a healthy gut has healthy neurotransmitters

imperative to creating a healthy mind and boosting your immunity.

We find where your blockages are, what’s stopping you achieving greater. 

Bringing balance to your whole body increases your overall energy, 

making it easier to enjoy life.


We work with Neuro Vascular and Lymphatic Reflex Points,  

Emotional Stress Release techniques as well as Meridians 

and Acupuncture Holding Points,

Brain Integration Exercises, 

Hypertonic Tension Muscle Release and other non-invasive methods,

enabling us to tap into our body’s innate healing ability. 


In clinic I also use

Homeopathic Flower Essence Remedies,

Essential Oils,

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Positive Psychology,

Time Line Therapy and 

Positive Mindset Coaching.

Retrain your brain

Some of the areas
Kinesiology can help
both adults
and children with

Pain Management 

Muscle & Sports Recovery 

Headaches & Migraines 

Digestive Problems

& Increasing Gut Health

Low Immunity
Food Intolerances 

Nutritional Deficiencies

& Menopausal Imbalances 

Chronic Fatigue 

Nervous System Disorders

Negative Thought Patterns

& Depression

Learning Difficulties & Dyslexia 

Goal Setting

& Personal Achievement

Self Confidence Issues
Relationship Difficulties
Defusing Stress 

Anxiety & Fears 

Behavioural Issues & Addiction 

Embodied Shock & Trauma

Grief & Loss

Kinesiology Nutrition

With an integrative approach to health, Kinesiology is a natural and
self -empowering way of getting results

During a session, Kinesiologists correct the imbalances to restore wellbeing. 

You may be given advice or self help techniques to follow up at home.
3 sessions are recommended to start with – Health Insurance Rebates may apply.


Initial consultation

& all 90 minute sessions - $200

60 minute session - $150

2hr session - $250



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