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Sound Bath Healing Meditation – Tribal Beats  ​ ​


Friday 16th August 2024
 7:30pm to 9pm
we'll be buzzing at……………Yoga Station
3/52 Bay Rd Sandringham

You are invited to join us……..

as we lie down and let the soundwaves wash through us

fall into meditation and deep relaxation……….

connecting to our inner peace

Sound Bath Healing Meditation 
Tribal Beats 

A selection of recorded music as well as live vocals,

Tibetan singing bowls, harmonic chimes, bells and drums followed by a vocal toning session - an experience to clear throat chakras and bring focus and higher energy to our listening and expression, in our everyday life.

An uplifting and awakening experience 

Herbal teas on offer after the session for 
community & connection.

Small group of 20 
please book ASAP if you wish to secure a spot

$40 p/session  

Falling Feathers - Sound baths
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