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new beginnings

Where in your life would you like to create positive change?

Becoming, maintaining and enjoying a well being……

We all want to feel and look happy, healthy and fantastic, have limitless amounts of energy, enjoy true loving relationships, have great success with our families, friendships, work and finance.  

We want to achieve, have fun, laughter and more………….that’s a great list of goals; and do we ask ourselves, how much do we believe we need, to feel fulfilled and satisfied with our lives? 

How much does what we perceive we need, determine our health and happiness? 

What are our subconscious beliefs? Are they blocking us, holding us back?

All our belief systems are important as it’s mostly these that have us the way we are, right now.

Are we ready to find out and become aware of how we developed these beliefs and values?

How do we release self-sabotage behaviour and make powerful choices that really work for us, for our best health?

At a time when globally, mental and emotional health has been on a decline, these are powerful aspects of ourselves and our daily lives definitely worth considering.

How can we really shift perspective to achieve transformation in our mind, body and emotions?


Our mind, our bio-computer is in charge of our bodies, our thoughts, emotions, energy and the life we manifest.

Our subconscious holds all our patterns and programming; our hard drive, it’s all ours, we own all of it.  

How powerful to access our subconscious, 95% of our mind, to understand how and why we do things, why we think and feel the way we do, why we often seem to ‘default’ to the same ways.

Our physical bodies are incredible, the most complex orchestra, ultra sophisticated design that leaves us in awe.  What a great ambition to optimize it’s functionality and health; to live well and to practice

preventative-health attitudes and ways of living.

The great news is that we are extremely powerful beings and with resource, nutrition, intention and commitment, we can choose to delete and let go of what doesn’t serve us well and we can reprogram ourselves with what does, training our mind and body to work together, in harmony - this is mind body medicine.

Neuroscience isn’t new, just a newish popular word. Look at Einstein’s work to start with and then
all the physicists since, mind-blowing, excuse the pun!


This is why I do the work I do, because I believe in our mind, body, and emotions and how powerful they are, 

I see our total being as a mass of energy, and the absolute abundance of potentiality that we can tap into,
if we choose to.

There is no simple answer, each person is unique and as important and precious as each other and each one of us have needs that can differ immensely. 

To understand our needs we need awareness, commitment and often professional help.  

It can make all the difference in a person’s life, to have a practitioner to work with to bring insight and to develop structure, gain confidence and learn self-help techniques.  Importantly, to feel supported. 

We have our own personal intelligence and our collective intelligence and to use it to our best ability is a wonderful dream - our possibility.


Modern science and medicine is breaking frontiers every day, brilliant minds all over the world are continuously working, researching, studying and finding ways to improve how we deal with our health, to come up with preventatives, cures and treatments, to minimize disease and to attain wellness.

So it makes complete sense to encourage, grow and support complimentary medicine, to use all we know about our anatomy and physiology and to increase the effectiveness of using what we already have and practice –
a holistic approach to HEAL.

This is progressive action towards achieving more positive outcomes and results.


For several decades now, Kinesiology has helped transform lives in so many ways, all over the world and once discovered, most will continue to use it, whether for specific goals or for maintaining
a healthy and happy equilibrium.

I have seen incredible results over the years and my clients say they feel mentally, emotionally and physically much healthier and more balanced since experiencing Kinesiology.  Many having overcome chronic pain and have now become more focused, calmer, far more less stressed and overall happier and feel like better persons for it.

I encourage and welcome you to embark on your own healing and self-empowering journey

and discover what it means to you.

I so look forward to hearing from you and working together.

Sandi German Bayside Melbourne
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